Financial Info

Each individual module: Dkr 5550,-  (€ 750,-)

Combi ticket: Two modules for the discounted price of Dkr  10000,- (€ 1350,-)

All 6 levels booked and paid together: Dkr 27900,- (€ 3750,-)

We offer a young person’s discount of 20% of the course price for those under 28 years, if you think you may be eligible then please let us know when you make your booking.

If you join the first module for € 750,- and decide to go for the whole training, we will deduct the € 750,- you paid from the € 3750,-.

Advance Payment and Cancellations

When you book we ask you to mak an advance payment of € 200,-. 

In case of cancellation up to 21 days before the training, the advance payment is fully refundable.

In case of cancellation less than 21 days before the training, we refund the advance payment minus the amount of an administration fee (€ 100,-).

Food and Accommodation

The fee for the training does not include food and accommodation. If you want to stay at Osho Risk during the training, please consult their site for the possibilities: