MER Training Modul 3

MER 3: Centering: Pelvis and Core Integration

The pelvis joins the legs to the spine and is the “keystone” of human architecture and structural alignment. The pelvis is the leveler and equilibrium point for the entire body. Anterior/posterior tilt, rotation and elevation of the hip will cause compensation elsewhere. Helping the pelvis to a neutral position is crucial in achieving postural alignment.

Module 3 explores this “touchy” area with sensitivity. A lot of suppressed emotion is held here and requires an approach based on skill, awareness and compassion. Learning how to connect with the felt sense will help you understand and release mental and emotional restrictions held as tension in the tissues. 

Other themes explored in this module are the pelvic joints and their function in posture and the role of the psoas muscle complex and abdominal muscles in breathing. 

Breathing is a movement that involves structural and physiological responses throughout our entire body. MER 3 supports you in exploring how your pelvis supports or restricts your ability to breathe deeply and fully. Exploring your own restrictions will help you become more aware of your own breathing and increase your ability to help others release old feelings stored in the pelvis.

  • Learn to evaluate and diagnose pelvic imbalances and how to achieve pelvic alignment.
  • Learn advanced movement and treatment techniques for core integration. 
  • Learn to find, palpate and treat the relevant myofascial and skeletal anatomy, including: The gluteus maximus, medius and minimus, the 6 deep lateral rotators as well as the ab/adductor groups and the iliopsoas. 
  • Assessing and treating sacral, pelvic and lower back pain. 
  • Understanding the balance between the pelvis, legs and spine. 
  • Understanding the emotional issues held in the pelvis and how to help your client release them