MER Module 6: Fluid Body – Joint Release and Joint Mobilization

7 – 11 February 2024

Venue and accommodation:
Osho Risk, Bøgballevej 3, 8740 Braedstrup, Denmark
Phone: +45 75 752500, Website:

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MER Training Modul 6

MER Module 6: Fluid Body: Joint Release and Joint Mobilization 

Using joint release in a MER session enhances the work done on the myofascia for a complete holistic treatment. This module gives you a systematic approach loosen and mobilize all major joints of the body which integrates beautifully with the deep work of the first five modules. It experienced as pleasurable by most people and will give you an extra edge in your work with clients.

Fluid Body used in combination with deep work on the myofascia supports structural alignment, giving the body the opportunity to release long held compensation patterns. Your body is innately wired to heal when given the chance to do so.

Tight and stiff joints can restrict the free transmission of force in the body. Like bridges between different body parts, joints can transfer energy or restrict energy. Joint release means to loosen joints and enable them to do the work they are supposed to do.

  • Learn to work with myofascial unwinding to bring about somatic emotional release.
  • Use verbal cues to guide the client in support of release and integration. 
  • Discover the body’s unique rhythm and learn how to work with it with Fluid Body
  • The body is 70% water: Learn how to work with and enhance the body’s natural fluidity.
  • Through rocking and softly coaxing every joint using compression, rotation and release techniques you create space and relaxation in the joints.

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