MER Training 2023 Module 2

22 – 26 March 2023

Venue and accommodation:
Osho Risk, Bøgballevej 3, 8740 Braedstrup, Denmark
Phone: +45 75 752500, Website:

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MER Training Modul 2

MER Module 2: Grounding: Feet, Legs and Hips

Module 2 is comprised of daily meditations, theoretical instruction, demonstrations and active partner exchange. The feet, legs and hips module is a guided learning experience covering body mechanics and correct methods of working with the fascia and joints. You also learn client body- reading techniques and how to translate the information gathered into a session. 

An important focus in this module is learning how to free the gluteus medius and minimus, tensor fascia latae, and the deep rotators of the hip. You will discover the importance of the tibialis anterior and its role in flexing the foot at the ankle. You will learn to work on all of the compartments of the upper leg through work on the hamstrings, adductors, abductors and quadriceps. 

Plantar fasciitis is an inflammation of the fibrous tissue (plantar fascia) along the bottom of your foot that connects your heel bone to your toes. One out of ten people will at some point in their lives suffer from this condition. Lasting pain relief can be achieved with competent treatment of the foot and leg muscles.

MER level 2 teaches techniques to treat the lower body through a process of deep bodywork, joint mobilization and assisted stretches. Using the posterior line of the leg as our starting point, we focus on the hips, legs, knees and feet at an advanced level. This module will provide you with the skills needed to interpret structural imbalances and use a range of techniques to create sessions integrating the lower body with the pelvis and spine. 

  • Heal pain and restore natural movement to the feet, legs and hips. 
  • Assess and treat foot, knee and hip complaints using body-reading, palpation and functional testing.
  • Learn tools to effectively work with the plantar fascia.
  • How to use joint mobilization in treatment of the foot, ankle, knee, and hip.
  • Learn assisted stretches for the feet, legs and hips.
  • Learn how to structurally balance the legs and feet.
  • Understand the psychology of physical symptoms in the knees, hips and feet and how to work with the felt sense in understanding these messages.
  • Learn how to work with myofascial unwinding of the lower body.
  • Learn myofascial anatomy and physiology of hip, leg, knee and foot.