What is MER (Myofascial Energetic Release)?

MER is a form of deep tissue massage working with the myo- (muscles) fascia (connective tissue).  A part of the treatment can also include breath-work, joint-release, assisted stretches and emotional work.

Connective tissue (fascia) is a tissue that is present throughout your whole body. Muscles, bones and organs are all surrounded by connective tissue and it gives your body shape, structure, strength and flexibility. If the tissue sticks, stiffens, shortens or thickens, it limits the body movements and can cause wear and tear, with as a result chronic pain. Shoulder-, neck- and back-pain  are examples of this, as well as fatigue, lethargy and lack of life energy.

Through deep sensitive touch we work on the cause of the pain. As the cramped muscles and connective tissue releases, we educate the client on what creates the spasm, such as emotional repression, negative beliefs and dysfunctional habits and behaviour. Education is an important part of healing chronic pain. 

The effects are diverse. Tension and holding patterns in the body are released and you will suffer less body-pain. Your posture will improve. By getting more in contact with your body, a greater body awareness arises. This allows you to better feel your own emotions and manage your own energy, This will in turn help you will reach a greater peace of mind.

With a session of MER the metabolism picks up again and oxygen, nutrients and energy can again circulate freely through the body. Deep tissue massage also stimulates the release of endorphins, the natural painkiller of the body. 

Generally, you are very relaxed after a session of MER. You will also feel that you are more flexible in your body and that you can enjoy more freedom of movement.

Upcoming Events

MER Training Modul 3 MER Training 2023 Module 328 June 2023 - 2 July 2023Osho Risk, Denmark
MER Training Modul 5 MER Training 2023 Module 529 November 2023 - 3 December 2023Osho Risk, Denmark
MER Training Modul 6 MER Training 2024 Module 67 February 2024 - 11 February 2024Osho Risk, Denmark